Session V

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1 October 2020, 11:00 am – 12:30 pm

How can AI contribute to ensuring quality journalism?


Artificial intelligence has already become an integral part of media organizations and the news industry. Robot journalism can enhance the work of journalists, for instance when it comes to summarizing multiple sources and data. The algorithms of AI can cope with the enormous quantities of information and can help in gathering data and producing reports more quickly in breaking news situations. AI technology can ease the lives of journalists when it comes to personalizing news and making it more relevant to the readers. Last but not least, AI tools can simplify the work of an investigative journalist with story discovery engines. These new AI technologies go hand in hand with a change in the role of journalists, who have to rethink their job profiles and adopt technical skills. However, as machine learning technologies pervade almost every aspect of our lives – if not already then in the near future – why not journalism, too? These and similar topics the Deutsche Welle discussed in this focus session.

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